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Refuse the Scrooge Spirit by Jack Hayford

This is the link to an article by one of my all-time favorites in the Kingdom, Pastor Jack Hayford.  I love his {always} gracious message.  I especially embrace Jack Hayford’s teachings on Christmas and every year he imparts new understanding to me.  So I wanted to share it.  Please click on the link below and read it!

Refusing the Scrooge Spirit {click here}, www.jackhayford.com


In his usual gracious and wise way, Jack Hayford looks at some of the reasons we are tempted to withdraw from the celebration of Christmas in these days and times and presents some awesome reasons to “let the fresh joy of the season infuse” our spirits, renewing us in our worship and welcome of the Lord during our happy, holy days!  You just cannot help being inspired by Jack Hayford when he encourages you to not only be joyful in the season but to be like the Wise Men, who, having travelled many miles over lots of months, found Jesus and “rejoiced with exceedingly great joy!”  That is the kind of joy I am after in my worship during Christmas!

He ends the short article with this prayer that yes, I am praying!

“Lord, I’m not only here to worship You, but I want to depart from this season different from the way I entered it.”

I am all the way over-my-head in, because my friends and familia – Jesus is not only the reason for the season, Jesus is the reason for celebrating the season with great gusto, gratitude and wholehearted devotion!  So thankful for a Savior, so happy to share Him this Christmas!