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Just call me Mr. McGregor

Hey, Peter Rabbit – yes, you and all your friends and cousins, too:

Get the heck out of my garden, you little hole-digging, lettuce chomping monsters.


I wouldn’t be bothered one bit if a bunny feasted on Russian Sage or Garlic Chives (both quite aggressive little boogers in the backyard).  But darn it, stay out of my SFG* raised beds, or else!

P.S., Bunny-boy: I saw where you came in.  Don’t make me have to take drastic action.

*SFG Square Foot Gardening #lovemelbartholomew

Peter Cottontail just better watch it!

I hope I am not accusing wrongly.

I hope this is not the work of the neighbor’s 2 cats (and btw-why is it OK for people’s cats to hang out in my yard, leaving their poo-poo and harassing my obviously “fraidy-cat” of a dog??).  Why should my carefully prepared garden soil be an invitation for kitty-frolic?  People, I implore you!

But for the past several mornings, my garden has been in disarray.

The onions have been pulled out (which I am able to plop back in: they are a hardy bulb plant and seem none-the-wiser that they have been messed with).  And my 1″ high radish seedlings are half gone.  Gone!  Now the itty bitty tiny carrot seedlings were pulled out and of course, died in the sun (I am starting over), but half of my radish seedlings are gone without a trace.  Not a leaf left lying.  Some lettuce and mesclun, too.  And I am blaming Bugs (as in Bunny)!

I have seen the little bunnies.  Our neighborhood is full of them. Full!   They apparently did not get the notice that this is no longer open farmland and that to stay will require a vote by the HOA.


You’d think our mangy Lady-in-the-Water*-looking dog would scare them away, but they still sneak back here – to my Eden, my little farm-in-the-dell, my back 40 (feet).

Peter had just better watch out…Mrs McGregor, aka Old Jeanie MacDonald

NOTE TO SELF:  I will have veggies!   God as my witness, I will have veggies!

*Referencing the “Lady in the Water” movie which was one of the lamest storylines ever from  one of my favorite storytellers, M. Night Shyamalan (a bit of indulgence for the writer himself, I fear), but I still watched again recently because the characters are great and the setting is superb.  Just a crappy story (but some great visual appeal),  with a grass-mange dog-thing of some sort.

pictured: google image