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Opening Night “Is He Dead?”

Is He Dead, A New Mark Twain Comedy

Dave gets top mention in a “comically capable cast.”

Just sayin’.

Um…should they have put this article about “Is He Dead” next to the funeral notices?  Dave just asked me…O, my…think I better point it out.


I wrote to dailypost@localcolormag.com and just suggested that perhaps moving the article about the play to a different location in their magazine might be a better idea?

Their response, in full:

We don’ t have many options.


The Daily Post and

Local Color magazine

Write well – Do good

Tristan and The Thought Process

This is so cool!

Tristan (world’s greatest drummer) recently went in to the recording studio with his friend, Sean Blancherd, and some other guys and here is what I know from the website:

The Thought Process:

Sean Blanchard – Bass

Tristan Kelley – Drums

Brer Rabbit – Vox

Special Guest:

Jon Wirtz – Keys

The Thought Process started as just that, a thought that bassist Sean Blanchard has had over the past few years while playing and touring with some other amazing artists. “What would it sound like if certain styles of music were mixed over the bass grooves that were filling up my computer?” The two styles that kept coming into play, hip hop and jazz. Thus, The Thought Process was born.

Groove oriented story telling, melodies, in the pocket drum and bass, with an intellectual vocal vibe.credits

released 25 October 2011

Available for immediate download today.

I am so {obviously} not the hip-hop demographic, but I wholly love good lyric and jazz just folds me in, melts me a little.

Plus?  So proud of Tristan!

In other music and the arts news…

Dave and Tara have a single or two coming out soon, as well!  We have been waaaaaaaaiting for this!

One of my all-time favorite songs, “A Million Stars” is going to be such a blessing to you!!  It is to me.

And – my best friend and full-time lover [Dave Rhoades, of course], is debuting in Prairie Playhouses’ Is He Dead?” A New Mark Twain Comedy.

There are 4 performances scheduled in Oct. and Nov.  Opening night is Friday!  So cultured, aren’t we?  ;)  http://www.prairieplayhouse.com/productions/ishedead Hope to see you there (The Brighton Armory).

I love the arts.   I love my {talented} family and God has surrounded me with light and color and melody and song.  The hills are alive with the sound of music….

Congratulations on the very awesome release today, Tristan!