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What’s Good for the Goose


McCain’s Vice-Presidential running mate Sarah, Palin and Tall,  has been called by some Democratic pundits “blatantly inexperienced.”   Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle “inexperienced?”

Naturally the Republicans are  declaring it a “bold move,” and that is true in some respects, as we have not previously had a female vice-presidential candidate whose hair kind of flops when she is talking, all cute and vulnerable-like, and  with a killer collection of fashionable eye-glasses.   I hope they’ll get her a vocal coach soon, as I listened to a replay of speech at about 4 am and she is going to lose it in all the excitement, if she is not careful.

My main beef with both Obama and Palin?   They’re younger than me – both of them.   So this is how it is going to be now, huh?

google images of two darn cute and likeable people relaxing…