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Life with a generous guy

We are empty nesters.

We are.  We have been for sometime now. Yet, I can’t get my husband to avoid buying things in huge quantities.  It’s fine with a 50-lb bag of jasmine rice or a moving-sized box full of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes.  They have a long shelf life and eventually they’ll be used.  And he always does it, he tells me with love, because “you like this.”

Dave, why did you buy a 25-pound bag of dried black beans?

Because you like them, honey.  This way you won’t run out.

Honey, all 17 of these avocados are ripe this very second – did you have something in mind when you bought them?

Because you love guacamole.  I thought maybe you could make us some?

What is this Beth-Moore-Sunday-School-Class-sized party-platter of cinnamon rolls doing here?

I know you love cinnamon rolls.

Yesterday this:

4 pounds of ccorn tortillas

4.26 pounds of fresh corn tortillas.  I do love corn tortillas, yet…We are blessed to live near the Mexican Market with a giant tortilla factory in full view through a large window (take your kids to see them made fresh and have lunch on one of the big southwestern wooden tables with delish food from the Cantina).  We LOVE getting them warm from the little conveyor belt we can actually see.

But here is the prob: I HATE wasting anything. I don’t want 4 loaves of assorted breads because there are only 2 of us.  We’ll have to throw too much away!  Boo. But if I like something, my sweet, thoughtful husband wants to buy it for me and if he happens to be in the bread aisle and sees four different loaves of bread he knows I like – well, then…

You can see the dilemma.  It isn’t that Dave is wasteful, because he isn’t.  He is just much more generous than I am.

But see the sell by date?  In order for me to not agonize over wasting them, I have to eat 4 pounds of them {{FOUR pounds!!!}} within the next 4 days!   And there is only one possible menu on the fridge list within which to actually utilize them.

Reminder to husband: we are empty nesters.  There are only 2 of us now.  I think we can cut back to a 3 pounder…maybe even less?  Think about it.

;)  Love you, honey.