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Inquiring minds

What the heck is happening at Thought Collage?

Not sure myself.  But I guess I am trying to find my new blog-look.  And they write this stuff in CODE.  Geesh.  That is so not me.  But Dave is helping and I am trying not to throw in the proverbial towel as I picture what I want and then have to research and read all these tech-talkers speaking a foreign language about how easy it all is to do.

Reading WordPress forums has become the new bain of my existance.  Yet, if I can’t create the “room” in which to write, I will surely go mad.  Therefore, I shall trudge on.  And it may look different everyday for the next 263 days.  Parts may or may not work.  Fonts may be crazy sizes or not show up at all.  Or whatever.

Just in case anyone is wondering.  Like me.