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moslander-reunion-05 reunion1

My mom and dad are arriving late afternoon!  Yaaaaaaaay!  Oh, and my brother, Joe, and his amazing wife and their youngest, and my sister, Tami, and her man and my youngest brother, Dan, and his beautiful wife and 2 of their “boys” they are coming, too!   However, Zach flew back to Montana to hang with my brother Tim and his mom and brothers, who, boohoo, can’t come.  It is kind of our Moslander-family reunion.

So we will increase, for the next few days, from the usual 17, minus 1, plus 11.  17-1+11=27. 

But we also get to really initiate Stef and Wrex into the fam!

Ah, the family. 

My mom used to sign the Christmas cards: Love, Ross the Boss, Mrs. Moss and all the Little Landers.  So, it is that bunch, plus our lovers and the fruit of our love.  And some of our fruit have now married and produced a new crop, if you know what I mean.

There will be pictures.

images above, Reunion ’05; reunion ’07