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Dammed Love.*

A wine bottle corked.

The river dammed.

The door closed.

The singer silenced.

A balloon tied in place.

The song unsung.

The letter unread.

The adventurer shut in.

Memories boxed up.

A mess contained.

The words deleted.

The music faded.

Feelings repressed.

Appetite curbed.

Senses restrained.

Passion censured.

On the sidelines, unchosen.

No secrets shared.

No hands are held.

Like a writer with no pen…

So does love, unanswered, unreceived crush the soul.

But love anyway.  Love conquers all.

I wrote this sometime ago and am no poet, so I let it sit.  Thought maybe I’d try to polish it up and make it flow better, or use better imagery, even though these things make sense to me.  But today, when I re-read it and got to the end, I remembered a song I once heard Martina McBride sing on American Idol, the only time I’ve ever actually heard it.  And it seems like it belongs here.  All is not lost.  All is not futile.  And especially for “C” today, when so many things feel so heavy and your heart feels like it cannot hold another hurt, hang in there, sweet friend.  Love anyway.

*Dear Mama (who taught me to always sing anyway)-I did not cuss.  This is like a dam in a river. xxoo