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Happy Birthday, Guinivere Eden~


Guini is three!

Last night we celebrated Guini-poo.   She was in ponytails wearing a Little Mermaid dress with sparkly pink shoes when she graciously opened all her presents, layed the clothes aside without much thought, oohed and aahed over the fun stuff and then got the pink, shimmery bike with the glittery festooning and horn and took off riding, never to be heard from again.

She rode and she rode and she rode.   Perhaps she stopped long enough for the Little Mermaid cake?

Since the day you were born, sweet Guinivere, I have always seen you as my little princess.   So fitting that you love the Disney Princesses so and have landed on my personal favorite, Ariel.   And it is kinda funny because  you  are the only Kelley kid who isn’t a red-head, but  your princess-of-choice is one! (See Guini above as Ariel the Little Mermaid  at the Fall Harvest Fest -sometimes known as Halloween – shhhh…).

To know you is to love you, Guini-muggins.   But to know you takes thought and patience and time.   In the crowd, you are quiet and self-sufficient, but get you alone and the true powerhouse, chatterbox comes out.   At three, you already know your own mind.   You are sweet and sensitive, sassy and silly.   You are smart and singular in purpose.   But my favorite part of you: the singer, as you belt out the song of the Lord.

A few weeks ago, just you and me on a Saturday evening watching the most gorgeous purple and orange sunset of the summer, your little song of the Lord began to rise.    And as we stood, arms raised toward heaven, I know the whole neighborhood heard your unabashed worship, it would have been impossible not to, as you sang from the deep place in your heart with your loudest voice over and over and over:

He loves us, O how He loves us!

He does love us, Guini.   And He loves you and He is going to use your strong passion to declare it!   I am watching, giddy with excitement!  

Happy Birthday, my Guinivere!…Nonna

NOTE TO SELF:   More one on one time with Guini.

pictured: Guini, “Under the sea” and Guini as Ariel; Guini with the Little Mermaid beach towel and the bean bags game, both handcrafted for her with love from Aunt Stormie!