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Song for a Sunday // Let it be Known!

“No need for fear and shame. There’s power in His name. Come on, let’s free the reign!”

From Worship Central.

Just LOVING this fun, upbeat, YES!-Christians-do-have-a-reason-to-rejoice-and-be-the-happiest-people-on-the-planet song!  My FAVS are the dancers that kick it off (you’ll see them throughout), the altar-boy (he has got the joyful moves), the dad dressed like Woody , the little kids on the bus (keep watching past the end), and “the chin!”  O:)   But the puppets – oh the puppets are so great,  just praising Jesus right along with all of creation!

“Let it be known

That our God saves

Our God reigns

We lift You up, up

Let it be known

That love has come

Love has won

We lift You up up, up – oh”

Let it be Known!

Warning: you’re gonna wanna get up and  dance!  It’s fun!

On this Beautiful Day of Consecration

Today we are off to Boulder where Tredessa and Ryan will be set forth as leadership in their church (Highway Community, Pastor Steve Crowder), ordained to love and lead God’s people with the team there.  AND Evangeline is being dedicated.  With gratefulness to God for the gift of her, we give her back, we bless her little life with the promise that we’ll always point her to Jesus.  Love you, Baby Eva!

evangeline lilly faaland

Evangeline: post bath happy

How appropriate then, today’s song of such astounding and wonderful news.  For our baby girl’s name means, “Messenger of Good News.”  So, in that spirit, everybody now:

“Let it be known that our God saves

That our God reigns

Let it be known, let everybody know

That love has won, love has come!”  -Worship Central

And on the matter of this springing forward ~

I like because it has the word “spring” in it.  But this morning, I fear, the spring is stuck and the minutes are just flying right by at a much quicker rate.  How is this possible?  Please, some one, fix this!!!