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For the Love of Thee

From the book John Wesley’s Prayers, edited by Frederick C. Gill and published in 1959 (from John Wesley’s original works 200+ years earlier):

“Deliver me, O God, from too intense an application to even necessary business.  I know the narrowness of my heart, and that an eager attention to earthly things leaves it no room for the things of heaven.  Teach me to go through all my employments with so truly disengaged a heart that I may still see Thee in all things; and that I may never impair that liberty of spirit which is necessary for the love of Thee.”  -A portion of the Sunday evening prayer

Ryan-the-temp, from “The Office,” says it like this:

“If I had to, I could clean out my desk in five seconds, and nobody would ever know I had been here.  And I’d forget, too.”   -Season 2, The Secret

Don’t let work steal the joy of your salvation!  Stay free!