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High Expectations

Guinivere: Hey, Nonna?

Me: Yes, sweetie-pie?

Guinivere: You know on my next birthday in July?  You know when I turn six?  I know what you can get me!

Me: What is that, sweet-pea?

Guinivere: An iPhone!  That’s what I really want!  An iPhone for my birthday!

Uh-huh.  Yes.  Stormie set the bar a little high in her present for Steph’s birthday, I am thinking! CLICK HERE

Meanwhile, Gavin who was playing Angry Birds on my iPod Touch chimed in, “Guini doesn’t really need an iPhone.  She’s only going to be 6, but tomorrow I will be 8.  You could give me this iPod, because that is about right.”  Hahaha.

We ate eggs and lots of candy and bananas while the grandkids were here for awhile this morning.  We also had a chocolate-milk party: Hershey’s syrup in cups of ice-cold milk (pretend frappuccinos).  Lot’s of stirring and some slurping.  My sink looks like this:

Is it bad that this does not bother me one bit – all the dishes?  In fact, I actually like it and think I will let it remain as a reminder of sweet freckle-faced kids who made lots of happy noise and dance here today.