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Jon on Hope for Haiti

This is Jon Powers on the drums with Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris on the Hope for Haiti telethon Friday night.  Jon is my son-in-law, Dave’s, brother.

Such a quiet, sweet, soulful performance of “Hallelujah,” the classic Leonard Cohen song.  Tredessa says I simply cannot write the words to the song on this blog.

There is a family debate about whether or not Elvis once sang this song.  Stormie is sure of it.  And after she said so, I could sort of hear him singing it in my head, too.

But Tredessa says Elvis wouldn’t have touched this song with a 10-foot pole (due to risque themes)…and I guess it wasn’t even released until some years past his death.  But, so, ok.  Stormie and I think Elvis should sing it – if he is still alive, as sometimes purported

Nonetheless, Hallelujah!…Jeanie