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Advent Song {Martin Smith}

Somehow, the observance, the careful thought of taking specific time daily (with a song) to look ahead with anticipation for all God has in store is making the season brighter, merrier, more joyous for me.  :)

“It is now, at Advent, that I am given the chance to suspend all expectation…and instead to revel in the mystery.” ~ Jerusalem Jackson Greer

I am re-using a song I used earlier this week because Tredessa was perplexed (she gasped that I didn’t use the Martin Smith-Kim Walker version) that I didn’t use this version.  And she was so right!

gemma at christmas

This song, Waiting Here for You, is so-so-so perfect as an Advent song.  Which I already went on about.  And I love this live, worship version with Jesus Culture’s Kim Walker and Martin Smith himself singing it (he co-wrote it with Chris Tomlin).  So if you are ready to get your worship on, turn it up and go!

If faith can the mountains, then let the mountains move

BUT ALSO – I just discovered the official video version from the God’s Great Dance Floor album.  I didn’t know I could like it better than the Jesus Culture version, but it turns out, I really do.  You still get the full-crowd, live-worship-like-you-are-there rendition, but you also get the cool, intimate, just-me-and-Jesus in His beautful creation version.  SO GOOD.

santa hunter

Either way, this song of Advent is meant to be voiced with strength and abandoned love and desire: Waiting Here for YOU!   Pick a version, any version…Merry Christmas!

Jesus Culture: Martin Smith and Kim Walker

LOVE this one!!!  Martin Smith www.martinsmith.tv {5*****stars!} Yes!

“The Kingdom of God is the already but not yet”. ~R. Alan Woods

Who IS the girl singing with him???