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Savage Beast

You big, fat, self-indulgent, self-loving, arrogant, insolent, pompous, contempuous, grotesque, repungent, foul, revolting, grizzly, thick, greasy-gutless, corpulent, fleshy, pointless, asinine, gruesome, shameless, sleezeball-of-a-terd, gorging, life-sucking, hoover-jaded, pig-pack, slimeball, meaty-monkey pudged, interloping roly-poly, perverted, desacrating, profane piece of crap.

horn worm on tomato

{{G R O S S }} Just stopped an 8-pound* tomato hornworm in my garden, on my cherry tomato plant.  Though I was in an annual war at our last house, I had only found a couple here in 2008 prior to now…*sniff.  My lovely tomato plants have been targeted by the enemy.

I am not even going to attempt to tell you how I really feel.

*8 pounds may or may not have been an exageration.  But it would have been 8 pounds if we hadn’t spotted it and beat it to bits with a shovel – as it bled MY tomato leaves onto the ground.