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My Averi-Girl is Six & Sweeter than Ever!

Happy Birthday, Averi-J!

averi and cake

Oh, my goodness, sweet-pea – I have loved you like crazy for 6 whole years now!  You have gotten sweeter and more lovely each year.

olaf and the girls

You are such a wonderful big sister to Amelie Belle and Bailey Sophia!  Aren’t they so blessed to have you?  And you are a fun cousin to the K-kids and the Powers boys and to baby Eva – how lucky are they?  And I love that you are such a wonderful daughter for your mommy and daddy and look for ways to honor them.  Goodness, you are a delight!


But wow, oh wow, oh wow!  You are my grandbebe, my sweet six-year-old grand-girl.  You were the 5th of all the ones I will ever have and I just think you are turning into one of the most amazing little women ever born.


I love you my darling, beauty queen.  I love your heart and your spirit and face and those eyes.  You have my heart forever.

avs party game

Now I bless you ~

May you continue to grow in the grace and admonition of the Lord.  May the source of your life always be Jesus, for He is your righteousness, your sanctification,  and your redeemer.  May you always walk in the freedom that comes from knowing Him and be full of the joy He has promised for you.  And remember – His presence is where you will always find the fullness of that joy!  Stay blameless and innocent no matter what the rest of your generation does, Averi Jadyn, because you were born to shine as a light in this world.  So sparkle and shine, sweet girl, for Jesus all the days of your blessed, beautiful, whole and holy life!  I bless you in Jesus’ Name!  And I seal it with a kiss.  :)

Kiss*-Kiss*, Birthday Girl!  {Love, Nonna!}


NOTE:  Averi had a Disney’s FROZEN party, in case you couldn’t tell.  Her mommy posted a bunch more pictures and ideas on her blog, if you’d like to take a look.  {CLICK HERE}