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Norma Kamali at Wal-Mart!

Has the earth ceased to revolve?  Have we found the Wizard?  Do monkeys fly and did the cow really jump over the moon?  What on earth??

O happy day!

I found an entire section of Norma Kamali fashions at a Wal-Mart the other day.  Praises be!  pictured: Norma for Wal-Mart


I’ve admired her collections for Spiegel catalog for many years.  Everything seems so flattering, so classic.  But I’d never purchased anything.

Naturally a collection for Wal-Mart is the lowest possible rendition of her things, but still wondrous and I was bowled over by finding it, nonetheless.  The colors, the flow, the style, the quality so far above the usual Wally-world offerings.  I prompty purchased a strapless “little black dress” which I have no idea when I’ll use, and 2 pairs of bermudas for my upcoming trip for a grand total of $32.  Talk about value.  Even the hangers are adorable!  If Norma can make the common-way-past-her-prime woman  feel good in a black dress, she is simply, a jersey knit genius.  I intend to return to buy everything.

Norma on youtube??!!

I just discovered this, too!  Can it get any better?  I submit to you that it cannot.  This is THE black dress.  I won’t look like this in it, but I think she may have captured some of my very being in this short video.

MORE Norma!  I have found my favorite designer ever.  I love you, Norma Kamali.