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The Familia in Fall

Everybody is so busy.  I actually do KNOW every one of these {extremely cool} people, I do.  But wowzers – getting together these fast-paced fall days is missing from my life.  :(

Tredessa is 31+ weeks in her pregnancy. 

tredessa pregnant

I just got to attend Birth Classes with Ryan and Dessa over the weekend.  Babying is so much fun.  I wish I weren’t too old to have another one (yes, shhhhh, I did say it, but don’t tell anyone).  Haha.  Baby shower preparations are underway as we all get ready for the arrival of Evangeline Lilly, “Eva.”


Tristan recently released 2 drumming videos.  He is so talented.  I love the drumming AND the video editing.  He did these in Stormie’s basement, also cool.

This one will put this song in your head.  Fair warning!

Steph {www.maydae.com} has been featured on the Etsy home page and in some Etsy treasuries recently. 

stephanies sales etsy shop

Steph has an eye for vintage and unique with an expertise in thrifting. Everybody wants her secrets, which she shares at her blog.   Oh, and she just went over 400 sales in her Etsy shop!


Emilee {my very great-niece} was on Channel 9 News from Estes Park.  She shows up at about 1:07 in the video.  I could not quit thinking of the old Mary Tyler Moore theme from her 70s TV show, “Who can turn the world on with her smile?  Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?  Well it’s you girl and you should know it…”  That so fits Em!

emilee on the newsPLAY HERE (I just realized she is on their still shot, too!)


Rocky and Jovan are just getting back into their home, even though the repairs continue and the basement is now an empty shell.  There will be a benefit/worship night for them in early November.  Every single person I know should be there! SAVE THE DATE: November 8!

rocky and jovan summer 2012


CallBack Theater is doing another Christmas production.  Dave has been putting the finishing touches on the script and I know I’ll be hearing carols soon, as he begins gathering props and making plans.

callback theater


The Powers fam left for Ireland today.  Ireland!

I cannot wait to hear Hunter’s Irish accent when he returns, as he always enjoys trying on dialects.  Won’t my little O’Hunter and O’Malakai be the cutest kids there?  They are there for {THIS}.

dave and tara powers family

Stephanie took this picture in Kai’s bedroom recently.  It captures reality!  Beautiful reality!  Life on the floor with toys and two boys!


I get to meet Baby Blake when Stormie and I fly to Chicago to meet up with Elise-the-Niece in a few weeks, then go to see the parentals.

elise and blake

Is he not just the handsomest little guy ever?


And?  It is flipping cold here – what is up with that???

denver weather