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The perfect game for us

Seen on Stormie’s Facebook recently (kicked off by her sly sister, Stephanie):

Stephanie Rhoades Kelley Stephanie  Johnny Depp – nudist beach – showering – horny toad……………………………..crank calling 

Stormie Rhoades Stormie   hahahahahahahahahahaha. yeah. September 8 at 8:44am

 Pearl Fernandez Younger Pearl  Nudist beach, showering, horny toad? What are you girls watching?!??! hehehehhe September 8 at 9:15am

Stephanie Rhoades Kelley Stephanie  Hahaha – we were all playing Cranium Party Play Off the other night, and those were the 4 final parts – lots of laughing! : ) September 8 at 10:19am

Tredessa Rhoades Tredessa   Classic! That game was so fun. September 8 at 9:26pm


It’s Cranium Party Play-off (it really is not a vile game) and the way you WIN is by arguing!  Yes.  This is correct.  It is a game where you can argue your head off.  We are in heaven.

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