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I have determined my gardening style to be “experimental.” 

I don’t like doing the same thing twice.  I like to grow things in unexpected places.  I like French intensive gardeing, square foot gardening and am really in to this  straw bale gardening right now.   I’d even like to try hydroponic gardening sometime, despite the fact that I have grave doubts about the quality and flavor of things grown in water (I believe in soil).

I have to admit, I rolled my eyes a lot when I first started seeing these upside-down gardens on TV.  I checked out their website and good grief: people are really doing this thing!

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Therefore, I am going to have make my very own topsy-turvy-upside-down tomato grower.  Why?   Because that is the experiment part.  I don’t want to buy “their” cheap-looking plastic aparatus.  I want to make my own ghetto version…from a big, plastic paint can. Yes, I do.

I’ll post pictures.  I think it is going to be pretty cool!  It’ll be like tomatoes raining down on me from heaven above!


pictured: people’s purchased topsy-turvey planters