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On the 7th day of Christmas

On the 7th day of Christmas we say good-bye to 2008.

I am pondering: if I could change one thing about this past year, what would I want to change?  And the only thing I can think of that was unbearable, I couldn’t change or I’d never have learned from God what I needed to in that thing – which will keep me from having to face it again in 2009.  Hallelujah!

So then, is my answer: nothing – not one thing could or should be changed?

Peace to you, my friends, my readers.  Peace and joy to you as we pass from one calendar year to another.  Blessings to you in all you do.  I wish you wholeness and healing in 2009.  I wish you repair in the broken places and hope for the future.  I wish you a double portion of any love you have ever given, the reward for every sacrifice you have made to bless another. 

Remember, though this year is at its end and this season is passed-your story isn’t yet.  He is your Author and He is your Finisher…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF: It has all, every little thing, been worth it to know You tonight like this.  Dang, some of it hurt, but wow-You are so faithful, mighty God!  You are so loving.  I am amazed.

“…I will remember the  years of the right hand of the Most High.  I will remember the works of the LORD…”  Pslam 77.10b-11a NKJV