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Alright, already, it’s fall!


I will miss the summer.  I will miss the long days and short nights and profuse blooms and iced tea while I swing on the patio.  I will miss swimsuits and beach towels all. over. the. yard!  And the sound of kids playing with dirt and rocks and dangerous yard tools when there are plenty of good toys to be had.

But just in case I was going to hang on too tightly, just in case I was going to pretend that summer was not over in spite of the calendar saying it is so this 22nd day of September (the Autumnal Equinox), the weather has forced me to face reality and it is freaking cold!  What on earth?!

So, that’s it.  Summer is over.  The fall has descended upon me like a heavy, wet, soaked 1960’s green canvas camping tent.  So, I shall drink myself into beautiful oblivion with the beverage I once heard called “liquid pie.”  Yes, that smooth, creamy, cinnamony Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  This shall be my reward for a summer which has left me.



Happy birthday to Elise-the-Niece!