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The Earth is the Lord’s and Everything in it!

Earth Day 2014

I believe that! This sphere, in all its amazing splendor, beauty and creativity – ALL a gift of the creative imagination and infinite ability of the Maker of heaven and earth.

Oh how I wish we were taking better care of it, being better stewards, enjoying His creation like we should, and really – could.

Earth Day and Christians: 7 Ways to Observe it

I just read this blog early this morning and LOVED it!  The writer referenced Isaiah 11.9, which is a favorite-favorite-hope-filled scripture!

For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord
As the waters cover the sea.

The sun is shining here in Denver today. The grass is brilliant spring-green and the skies are blue with puffy white clouds. The shrubs are flowering.  And the dandelions have once again blanketed the nearby fields, not to mention how they are traipsing boldly right down the block in this HOA-protected neighborhood, with great glee as if they weren’t sternly chased out last year. *sigh  Must be Earth Day! Happiness.

Hard to believe, but true – in my lifetime, I have known Christians  who have resisted things like “Earth Day,” allowing it to be spoiled by supposed political associations or some fear of earth-worship.

Psshhhht, people. The earth is His. “Bless the beasts and the children” and get on board today by thanking the Creator and Maker of all the incredible, life-sustaining beauty in the earth! He has surrounded us with His very glory, this Great God of ours!

Note to my children about your children:

Please get them outside often, out-of-the-city on purpose when you can (read the aforementioned blog post to see why – I know you’ll want to, then). Teach them to lie in green grass and watch clouds and to run barefoot, plunge their hands in to black soil for planting, get muddy, splash in puddles, go where there is no cell signal and listen to birds chirp, throw rocks into creeks and rivers, and yell really loudly where no one can hear. Give them Psalm 23 experiences for their body and soul’s health.

And you, too, my sweets. You get out of the city and go where you can see a million stars in the night sky and hear nothing but the beating of your own hearts – just long enough to regain your bearings.

“He makes me lie down in green pastures,
he leads me beside quiet waters,
he refreshes my soul.”  Psalm 23

drive me wild
Happy-blessed-joy-filled Earth Day, everybody!