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French Country

Some days I feel like surrounding myself with the colors and textures of the Provence, a French Chateau…light streaming, robust in nature, generous scale, soaring windows.  There’d be a large, weathered sideboard filled with ceramic pottery in delightful countryside colors – a disarray of the prosaic, the edible and the elegant.

house-stuff-feb-008 house-stuff-feb-020 house-stuff-feb-013 023

Do you see with me, in your mind’s eye (in my imaginary French kitchen),  the bowl of fresh garlic and the reds and yellows of garden produce on the large Monet-blue, cloth-covered harvest table; sumptuous drapes (the epitome of unrestrained romanticism) pulled back to reveal the hen house and fowl, where large hand-woven baskets will carry eggs?

house-stuff-feb-004 house-stuff-feb-021

Some days, I am a little bit country – in the Southeastern France (near the Mediterranian) kind of way.

One of my favorite quotes ever (by a French designer):

The convivial table is where it all begins.”  ~Muriel  Grateau

Parlez-vous Francais?…Je m’appelle Jeanie!

NOTE TO SELF: must have farm, even if it is tiny…

pictured: a basket of Dave’s current DVD watching; the Waverly rose print drape about to be re-purposed for outdoor funrniture upholstery on lime green frames!; Monet-blue pottery, a personal-sized soup tureen from Joan; the country-colored dish cloths I was folding this morning.  The first rooster I ever got; the egg bowl that sits in my fridge.