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“Doc McAmelie Belle” Makes Life a Whole Lot Better


She likes Doc McStuffins.  She even has a tiny lab coat like the Disney character.  She is lots of sugar and loads of spice.  And she will give you candy-medicine if you ask and a band–aid to make everything better.  And now she is 4.  Today!

She dances, she creates, and she sings.  She loves to sing!  She does Kickin’ It moves in her sparkly princess attire and isn’t afraid of boys, even when she’s in her high heels, which is a lot.  Ah, she is one of a kind.

amelie and the little cake

Four!  Teeny-tiny with gargantuan personality ~ 4!

Curly-headed sweet-pea, your Nonna sure does love you.  I am so glad we are getting school time together.  You work hard you snack big and when you are gone, Grand-poppa and I always laugh when we find your wad of gum somewhere in the house, for it is always in whatever place you were when you decided you wanted to move on to something else and it’s just like an Easter-egg hunt for us!  *surprise:)

 amelie and her lambie cake

And so I bless you, Amelie Belle.  I bless the day you were born and the charmer you are.  I bless and encourage your song-sing, little girl, sing with your might!  I bless your silliness and happiness and I bless your intensity and strength.  I bless your drive to do big-girl things and be as fast and accomplished as all the bigger kids and I bless that soft sweet place that melts in to my neck when it’s time to cuddle and snuggle.  You are such a good hugger, what a little love!  I bless you to be a deep-lover and giver.


I know you feel things so ferociously, you sense things beyond your years and while you are saddled with what some people think is a hardship, being the “middle child,” I bless your place in your family, especially!  For middle children are surrounded by opportunity on either side.  You’re not “stuck in the middle,” you are flourishing there, rising above limitations and shining like the sun.  You’re a go-between, an ambitious little girlie, able to keep up with your big sister and help mommy and daddy with the baby.  You’re right in the center of the family action and you were the perfect little girl for that job!  So, thrive, baby girl

And, oh my sweet Amelie {which means industrious, laborious and eager!}, love Jesus!  Love Him!  Love Jesus because He first loved you!  Love Him because He saw you being made – before any of us could have imagined you.  Love Him because He died for you.  And live for Him, too.  Make Him happy.  Make Him smile.  Be you and that ought to do it.  It does it for me!

Here is a verse for you, my Belle-baby {Belle, meaning beautiful, which, of course, you are}:

How beautiful on the mountains

are the feet of the messenger who brings good news,

the good news of peace and salvation,

the news that the God of Israel reigns!

The watchmen shout and sing with joy,

for before their very eyes, they see the Lord returning to Jerusalem. Isaiah 52.7-8 nlt

Happy Birthday to you, my sugar-plum!  *kiss*kiss