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Belle-Baby and Fabric-Scrap Tutu

Yes, I made my little grand-girlie, Amelie Belle, a fabric-scrap tutu for Christmas, except that I did not have any fabric scraps appropriate for her to wear with her hot-pink cow-girl boots so I bought some of those 97-cent fabric samples at Walmart.  I bought 8…maybe just 7, and a roll of one-dollar hot pink grosgrain ribbon.  I already had the elastic.


I cut the fabric into strips 4-6″ wide, some the shorter diection of the fabric and some the longer direction.    Then I looped them over a pice of elastic measuring 15″ around.  I ended up cramming so many strips onto it, it stretched the fabric and her little buns couldn’t hold it up on Christmas morning.  So it has to be pinned for now.

NOTE: Update  (2014)- when I make them now, I tie the scraps around a sturdy piece of grosgrain ribbon.  That way, it doesn’t stretch the waist area and you can just tie the skirt around the little bebe!  :)

This is a totally no-sew skirt and if it begins to fray, you just snip here and there.  Easy and pretty stinking cute.

ARE YOU  R E A D Y for the great   r  e  v  e  a  l ? ? ?

I present Amelie Belle Rhoades in her scrap-fabric tutu.

Beautiful photography by her Auntie Stephanie

I mean – how stinking cute did she make that skirt look???

Love my little Belle-Baby!