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hello. In less than 10 minutes

You know I love me a good 10-minutes-or-less project, right?

I had this one stepping stone from Lowe’s.  I think I was contemplating using it for another project or something and I brought home this sample.  But didn’t use it.

I had also thought, at some point or another of painting or stenciling a simple greeting on my front porch, “hello.”  Didn’t do that either.

Then 10 minutes happened my way, just after brewing my morning coffee.

On hand: 1 fake-slate-travertine-type stepping-stone, approx. 12″ x 6″, some latex paint, a photocopy and packing tape and a sponge brush and~

Enter PicMonkey-dot-com.  www.picmonkey.com

I told you about PicMonkey before {HERE} so you can see what the heck I am talking about.

1// I uploaded my handy-dandy “white” jpg to PicMonkey.

2// I selected a very simple and casual font and added the word “hello.”  Maybe 2 minutes to decide which font?

3// I saved the image to my computer and threw it into a Publisher doc and stretched it to fit within the paper’s parameters, so my finished image would be about 5″ x 10″.  And hit print.  1 minute.

4// I put two strips of packing tape over the printed word to make it sturdier for cutting and painting over.  Then I cut out my word. 3-5 minutes.  Didn’t go for perfection.  It is a stepping stone.

5// Use teeny-tiny little tape donuts on the backs of the “insides” of letters. 30 seconds.

6// I tried {and tried} to get my brown, gold-flecked enamel open, but couldn’t, so I used brown latex paint and sponge brush and just “stippled” the paint onto the letters. 1 1//2 minutes, if even.

7// I ripped away the paper and voila!  It was not perfect. :)

8//  I wiped excess paint off with my finger and then used some creamy white to just barely make a couple of edges more perfect.

Done and time to dry.  I may or may not put a thin coat of tile sealer or satin poly over it before it takes it place on the front porch after Christmas decorations come down.  Either way, aren’t I just the friendliest?

I don’t know why you say good-bye, I say ‘hello.’

And MERRY Christmas!