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Rock on, Birthday Boy!


Looks like tonight, the sky is heavy

Feels like the winds are gonna change

Beneath my feet, the earth is ready

I know its time for heaven’s rain, it’s gonna rain

Little boy grows up.

Look at you, Rocky.  My little boy grew up.  The shadow of the child with the thick black hair (mullet) and short legs running zig zags over surfaces and walls and ceilings, I can still see from the corner of my eye at times.  I brace myself when you walk into the room these days – what joke or orneriness will ensue?  Will you tickle me (undoubtedly) or try to scare me (most certainly) and when can I breathe relief as you move on to another target?


Rocky with Amelie Belle, September 2010

Oh, you were a bundle of delightful energy, you were all boy-defiant and strong-willed.  You were all the brother your sisters could handle and you pushed their limits nearly every day of their lives and don’t they love you all the more for it, now? 

 Rocky with Averi earlier this year

‘Cause it’s living water we desire

To flood our hearts with holy fire


Rocky with Jovan, the love of his life

But before me stands a man, an honorable and good man.  He is rugged and handsome, he is gentle and humble.  He loves his beautiful wife and he dotes on his little daughters, and they sure do love their daddy.  He is strong and gifted, capable, yet unpretentious.  You are turning out, Rocky Rhoades.  You are have turned out to be a wonderful man!  Your mama loves you – can you tell? ;p  Like a rock!

Rain down all around the world we’re singing

Rain down can you hear the earth is singing

Rain down my heart is dry but still I’m singing

Rain down, rain it down on me.



Don’t you worry ’bout a thing!

Just when I thought you’d drive me insane, when your boldness and courage collided with your young teen-aged hormones and you questioned everything about everything and I wondered if I’d totally missed instilling in you what I’d wanted to, when you were about 13 and God showed me in an instant, as I was walking in to Burlington Coat Factory in Westminster and an evening snow was beginning to fall, that I shouldn’t worry.  He showed me I’d raised a David (your true given name ~ David Allen Rhoades II, and a Psalmist) mixed with a bold, impetuous Peter  (the “rock”).  My heart breathed a sigh of relief, strength to see you through the teen years.

And wow-o-wow, was I ever happy when, within a few days, you said aloud that the 2 people in the Bible you most related with were David and Peter.  YEAH!  Thank-You, God!

Back to the start, my heart is heavy

Feels like it’s time, to dream again

I see the clouds, and yes I’m ready

To dance upon this barren land

Hope in my hands – yeah,yeah


When you were just 2 as a ring-bearer in LeAnn and Ron Barnes’ wedding.  With your 3 big sisters.  We were practically our own 1980s “hair band.”  Haha!

Time to dream again!

Then you read Psalm 112 and told us, as a young teen-age kid, no less, that YOU wanted to be that kind of man.  A Psalm 92 man: whew!  What a joyous relief for your mom!  And that IS who you are and the grace into which you are continuing to grow and go towards.  That is your life scripture and your future, Rock-man.  It is your description, you calling, your destiny and your promise!  And because you choose this, I have all confidence in your life, your future.  Go get ’em, Rocky, my unshakable: wealth, riches, light, blessing, good, security, honor and all the rest!

Hope IS in your hands, baby boy!  You can count on it!

Rain down all around the world we’re singing

Rain down can you hear the earth is singing

Rain down my heart is dry but still I’m singing

Rain down.


Give me strength to cross the water – Keep my heart upon Your altar

Rain down, rain down!

Give me strength to cross this water – Keep my feet don’t let me falter

Rain down.


Do not shut the heavens

But open up our hearts, open up our hearts

Your mama loves you like a rock!

VIDEO:  This is when Rocky took a few months of voice lessons in 2006 so he’d know how to sing it up without damaging his vocal chords.  His instructor threw a recital for all of her students.  It isn’t a worship setting, so there is some awkwardness in the set-up and maybe even a little in the response, but he brought it!  And every time he sings this song,  I can almost see the heavens opening up to pour out a blessing.

Happy Birthday, beloved son.  May the heavens pour you out a blessing you can hardly contain and I hope you just get drenched!  Soaked!  You and your family, too!

Love you, Bo-Bear…mom