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How Many Bibles Do You Own?

Sorry the quality is low on this graphic.   But hopefully you can see what we’re looking for: new or nearly new Bibles, Children’s Bibles, Bible Dictionaries, Concordances, Bible Commentaries – those that you bought but just sit there on the shelf because you have a different favorite.   If you have any of these that you’d like to see go to making an impact, GWO is taking a truckload down next month to supply the pastors and people of this  four-corners, thousands of square miles Navajo Reservation.   This was the thing they said they most needed at this time: Bibles!

C’mon, do you really need 11 copies of the NIV on your shelf?

Contact me if you’d like more information or have Bibles to donate.   I’ll be happy to get them to Get the Word Out/Mary Jean.   Hey-see if your church would send out an e-blast and gather a load this Sunday or next???