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One Day in Denver

Me and my girls Saturday.  Me, Jovan, Tredessa, Stefane (back row), Tara (in front), Stormie, Stephanie, Elise-the-Niece, and Katie from the Springs


Cherry Creek for Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Sur La Table, and Restoration Hardware.  Stormie got her vintage-inspired bowls – lots.  Alright, already with the bowls! :)  The girl is a bowl nut!

South Broadway for Decade (inspiring, old/vintage and new-I got the best alphabet flash cards I have ever seen there!), and True Love Shoes (great accessories) where the 9 of us just sort of filled every square inch of space.  Delicious spinach pizza-by-the-slice at the world-famous Famous Pizza.  Elise was heard to exclaim, based on the fact that her teeth remained leafy-green free, “We are so good at eating spinach!”  She is gleeful by nature!

We braced ourselves and went into a house in Denver where the “Thriftonista”  was liquidating her vintage clothing.  We arrived there with the Channel 4 newswoman who taped a segment for the 5 o’clock news about ways people are saving money.  That place was packed, due to a notice via e-blast to the  Denver fashion-scene types, which includes 2nd daughter, Stephanie.  Wall-to-wall people were madly digging through clothes whose year’s I could name between 1964-1989.  Some of it was questionable as far as fashion the first time around.  Nonetheless, it was a fun run around the memory block for me and Tara’s arms can be seen earnestly flipping through the rack of tightly packed, hung clothing on the news segment.  During the interview with the Thriftonista herself, I am visible with my back to the camera as I just mainly try to avoid being stampeded by all the 20-somethings intent on buying my mother’s 1970s wardrobe.  We were on TV!

On East Colfax we soaked up Fabric Lab ambience (I really was NOT cool enough to be in there) and then splurged for a couple of coffees, a couple of waters and 12 cupcakes at The Shoppe which set us back more than lunch had.  Yikes!  Well, you only go around once and we can now say we have had very, very amazingly delicious cupcakes at the trendy hole-in-the-wall cupcake store for 40-some-bucks, nevermind that I could have achieved the same for about $4.  That is not an insult to them, nor their not-entirely catchy slogan which is something like: Don’t be a hater, eat a cupcake (?) – it is just that I can make really good cake, when I want to.  I am sure if the people at Westword and The Denver Post and all those other places that have given them “Best of” awards had one of mine, well, you know…

Tallulah Jones was defnitely a favorite.  We like stores that are full of ideas as well as merch.  Mod Living wasn’t the thrill wed hoped and Urban Living’s best part was the cool dog that met us at the door.

Two cars, nine women, all of Denver’s best in one day.  Sore legs.  Thinking ahead to our next outing…maybe a movie in our jammies?  Whew!  I am so older than the rest!

LOVE these girls!  So blessed!…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  Oh, I know-next time I take the girls to MY favorite: Djuna!