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My Table is Full of Good Wishes

During an agonizing {excruciatingly painful} Broncos versus Patriots game (the very reason I do  not want to watch football), Guini and Gemma and I made 33 air-dry clay wishbones for Thanksgiving.

Since the turkey can only provide us with one, and everybody always wants a chance to make a wish and win the contest ~ well, we are solving the problem by providing every single family member a wishbone of their very own.

wishbones for thanksgiving

While a perfectly sweet, light snow is drifting down this morning, the wishbones are just drying in the air (www.sculpey.com).  Tomorrow I’ll spray paint them…gold, maybe.  They are very magical wishbones, you see.  For, no matter who gets the bigger piece after they are broken, both contestants will get their wishes!  Who says so?  Guini, Gemma and me.  That’s who.

I saw this project on Pinterest, and you can see the tutorial from the Oh Happy Day blog {{here}}.