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Happy Birthday, Guini-muggins!

Guin-Guin is 4 today!


Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


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My first little granddaughter (3rd grandchild) is four.  She is independence and spunk, she is quiet, but firm.  She can run with crowds, but entertain herself.  She is a waif in body, but strong in spirit.  She is all the Disney princesses, one at a time, or overlapping as she sees fit (this year, she chose “Cinder-Lella”) and she was determined to have a cake in Cinderella’s honor using her own doll (which we almost couldn’t find).  And so we did.

A Cinderella Doll Cake

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I learned from my first doll cake experience to wrap the shapely doll in a paper towel and Saran Wrap so as not to cause a stir when the cake is cut away (revealing a naked bum).  The birthday girl’s mommy chose my signature lemon-poppyseed with fresh lemon curd for filling.  It is o-so-refreshing.  I used a 9 inch layer, 2 8-inch layers and a bowl for the top of the skirt.  We ate the other 8-inch layer the extra batter provided as a “taste-test.”  The dress was a very simple buttercream in light and the palest-ever blues.  I sprinkled it with sugar glitter (which looks like crumbs on the serving tray) and there she is: Guini’s Cinderella cake.

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It was a lovely day to celebrate, a few days ago.  We ate and plied Guini with gifts, but true to Aunt Tara’s prediction to save her gift for last because Guini would love it best of all, once Guinivere received the little box of make-up and lip “sauce,” she was never seen without it again.  Each time I see her now, her eyes, her cheeks and her lips are all-a-glitter in the palest shades of pinks and lilacs.

Here is Guini opening the mountain of gifts, and her baby sister, Gemma, rolling about on Guini’s Happy-Birthday-ball.

more-wedding-frame-074 more-wedding-frame-078

Here is Guini with her jewelry/treasure box from Aunt Jovan and Uncle Rocky and Grandpa and Gavin in their geek goggles under the water in the pool.

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I love you, Guinivere!

Nonna loves you, little girl.  I love your smile and the twinkle in your eye and I love how you can stay focused and totally ignore what you’d rather not notice.  I love that you sing your head off or don’t whisper even a sound all afternoon should the mood strike.  I love that you are a good little sister and a wonderful big sister.  I love that sometimes I can tell you are looking at me, right into my very soul, and you are really getting me.   I love that and I love you!