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Cutting the Cord

We tried to go without cable or satellite or any type of TV augmentation once before…we made it about 5 days.

So today is a red-letter day.  We are cutting the proverbial TV cord.

We have had a gazillion options over the years (direct, dish, cable, comcast – everything) and just hate almost everything that is on TV and actually rarely watch a show when it is on anyway.  How is it possible to have 897 channels available and not be able to find one redeemable thing on when you have a few minutes???

So we figured, for instance, when Dave wants to watch that horrible “Walking Dead” show, he can use Hulu and see it a day late.  Which is fine, because he just finished watching 6 back episodes that he’d recorded months ago but hadn’t had time to watch.

Plus we got our AppleTV a year ago and even though we couple it with our Netflix subscription, we haven’t really fully explored everything it avails for us and I don’t think we will until we take the plunge.

So, we did it.  We called them.  We said, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

We bought one of those exterior digital antennas ($40 @ WalMart) to get local channels in hi-def and it looks good.  But I am still hyperventilating.  I am madly surfing before they actually pull the plug with no intention of watching anything-just afraid of losing the control and selections.  And I truly hate 92% of what is available anyway.

Tell me: have you done it?  How do you de-tox?  How do you change what you have done for 30+ years?  What will help me transition when I feel like I need a fix?  Please, friends and family: get me through this.  What do I need to know and where will I find everything I neeeeeeeeeed???

I will miss Paula Zahn and Dateline on Investigation Discovery.  And for the grandkids, whom I have raised on Sprout (Caillou, and Angelina Ballerina and so many other sweet little shows), I will miss “119.”  But I will miss you the most, Judge Judy.

I take this leap willingly.  Let’s see if we can go longer than 5 days???