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The Plan

I told Dave this yesterday, but in case he forgets and because a written contract is always better, I have made my decision.

I do not want to (ultimately) die with anything that requires me being unable to breathe for months or days, or for even a few seconds, really.

The following is a list of ways I don’t want to die and includes, but is not limited to:

  • I don’t want to have bronchitis or pneumonia or any combination thereof.
  • I don’t want fluid in my lungs.
  • No lung disease.
  • No lung cancer, please.
  • I don’t want the air permanently knocked from me while sky-diving, mountain climbing, repelling or falling down the stairs.
  • No shortness of breath due to some unknown disease or deadly allergy, please.
  • No killer sneaking up from behind and covering my mouth and nose with his hand, nor a pillow smothering me.
  • I don’t wish to choke alone, unable to manage the Heimlich on myself.  Worse – in a room full of people who cannot remember how to do the Heimlich Manuever.
  • I don’t want a rib (or any other sharp instrument, knife or bone) puncturing a lung.
  • I don’t want my alveoli poisoned by emphysema.
  • I refuse COPD.
  • I don’t want pulmonary hypertension, and no advance in the asthma they try to pin on me now.
  • I do not want blood clots in my lung arteries.  Not. even. one.
  • No epiglottitus or blockage of my air passages in any way, shape or form, please.
  • Keep the croup away from me, too.

I have a pretty high pain tolerance.  And I realize we cannot always just die peacefully in our sleep (or soaking up the sun on a beach in Maui) without experiencing some discomfort on our way out.  But if I can put in an order and have it come true, well – this is mine.  I want to be able to breathe until I can breathe my last.  I need air.

O2 oxygen

Disclaimer & prayer: I am being a little silly.  But sometimes, I don’t think we realize how important good oxygen is {in the form of a good, deep breath} to everything about our health and how being able to breathe, really breathe,  is such a gift. It’s a GIFT!   It seems like too many people we know face breathing problems and lung sicknesses when they are already otherwise sick or suffering, maybe even battling cancer and it makes it all the worse.  Let’s not take even one breath for granted.

{breathe deeply here…thank God you can}

Today, I am praying for everyone I know who is experiencing breathing problems.  May the Breath of Life {Himself} bring you deep oxygenation today – an intense concentration of O2 be released in you throughout your bloodstream.  I pray respiratory relief as you breathe in and out, and may you experience peace as your pulmonary function finds its rhythm. I pray the *ruach-life-giving-breath of the Creator into your body, in Jesus’ Name.

The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life. – Job 33.4

*Ruach: the active power of the Spirit of God in the life-giving breath imparted to us.