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Gemma May – You’re 6 Now!

What a busy social season little Gemma May is having at the ripe old age of 6!

She has been to party after party recently, including one where all the girls dressed in pink and rode around in a pink Hummer limo.  She had a party at her house with her school friends, too. Throw in end-of-year activities and a field trip to the zoo – and just the other day, she had her Kindergarten graduation, well, she is happy-busy!  One exciting thing after another and she is still only at the beginning.

Oh, Gemma May – I miss that seemingly endless time with you back in our days of pre-school and hanging out.  Everything was a squeal of delight, sparkly and happy.  You entered the room like a shining star every single time I saw you, golden-red-haired curls bouncing and a smile so big it filled the house. You lived your toddler years on a perpetual-virtual red carpet, blowing kisses to the fans, a family who has adored you always.

Now, having graduated so beautifully from your Kindergarten year, I see a girl as lovely as a spring day, just like the morning of the day in May when you were born.  You are a little more contemplative, more graceful and grown up.  Your hair swings like light beams behind you, your eyes curl playfully as you tell me a fascinating story, your contagious giggle would disarm a London Guard.

You are SIX now, Gemma-Loo!  I am so pleased with what a lovely girl you are.  I am so proud of you and what a wonderful daughter and little sister you are to your family.  And I sure do love any Gemma-time I can get, what with your very popular and busy calendar.  You really are both sugar and spice and really everything nice!

Your Nonni loves you, sweet-pea.  I’ll be your biggest fan for-ever!  Happy-happy-happy Birthday!  See you at your party!

NOTE:  All photos by her talented-photo-taking mama.  See more at www.maydae.com