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1.4 blogs are born every second & other important miscellany


My son-in-law, Tristan (pictured with Guini), sent me this news recently:

David Sifry has released Technorati’s latest “State of Blogosphere”
report today.  Sifry’s post tells us that Technorati is now tracking
more than 70 million blogs.  That’s up from 51 million at their last
report.  He also points out that new blogs are coming online at a
rate of 120,000 per day (or roughly 1.4 blogs per second).

What the heck are all of us people trying to say?  My goodness, we are desperate to be heard, huh?  I started my blog (see my very first post on 11.29.06 “Top Ten Reasons I’m Blogging”) with the thought that I could put all these tidbits down for my kids to consider (and because my mom thinks I should write) and now I have to nag my kids to read it!  Ha!  I am just trying to get a word in edgewise here, people.

She rants. Everybody totally wants to know what bugs me, right? ;)

On Good Morning America a few days ago, they ran a story about the minivan makeover by the Chrysler Group who are now offering, for just under $60,000, live satellite feed in your cars.  They hooked us in with “No more DVDs keeping the kids quiet….”

GMA’s guest “expert”, Jane O’Donnell of USA Today, commented: “I remember asking my parents ‘when are we gonna be there’ and my daughter still does that, but she goes right right back to her movie and I might not hear from her for another hour or so.”

“That’s the kind of experience mothers crave.  Now imagine if you could put your kids in the back of a minivan and have them glued to satellite TV watching children’s programming,” came the voice of the journalist reporting the story, you’d have a “driving dream come true.”

At which time one of the co-anchors laughed, “Are we there yet?  Are we there yet?”  And told us, “There is a way to silence them.”

Omigosh.  Do I even need to explain on how many levels this bugged the heck out of me?!?

Kids, let’s take a trip and ride for several hours and God forbid you should look out the windows and see any of the countryside or the occasional cow. And don’t even think about yakking at me! Yes, let’s use this time to further pound your little brains with more movies and now –  live commercials for the entire trip.

I shall stop before this becomes truly vile.

E-mail forwards.

I get them all the time.  We all do, right?  Some have made me laugh so hard I have cried.  Some have been motivating and inspiring.  Some are pretty freakin’ sappy.  But still they come, faster than clockwork.  And I actually do enjoy many of them.  They have become forums for people who have a lot to say (but haven’t yet gotten a blog, apparently).

But here is my beef… I got one today with a really good poem, one which I have probably received 27 or 28 times already, but a good reminder, nonetheless.  It came from this hilarious, wonderful friend I don’t get to see very often. But she keeps in touch and likes to send me forwards.  I rarely send them on – or if I do, I try to cut and paste then warn the recipients (generally my mom, who loves forwards) that it isn’t really something from me – just something that made me think of them.

So anyway – I get this good poem, which some caring person knew would bless the recipients, but along the way, it has gotten surrounded in words and phrases like:

If I don’t get this back, I will know you didn’t really read it.
Too bad that the person who sent this to me didn’t even know 10 people who were willing to admit to knowing the Lord.
If I sent this to you, please send it back so I will know that my friends do know the Lord. Do you love Him?
This is a simple test: If you love Jesus, send this to at least 10 people including the person who sent it to you.

Rebellious by nature, I think you know that I am not sending it on and I refuse to try to prove I love the Lord by doing so and instead of “sending it back. She already got it – why would she need it again?  So she can send it back to ME??? Eeks! Who came up with these vile tests of my faith in Jesus or my love for my friends? Grrrr…..

Let the deleting begin.

I think it is the April snow that has me in this prickly mood.  But I pray blessing on you anyway!  Really!  Jeanie


NOTE TO SELF:  Think how green the grass will be in a few days.   (Tristan with Guinivere, above; Guini, Gavin & Hunter, left.  On Easter)