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I won! I won!

Carol Ann did this to me.  

She has “awarded” me this symbol and names me a blog she hearts.   And truly it would be a wonderful prize, except that I have to WORK for it.   I have to award it to 7 other people and have them pay it forward.   And so on.   And so on.   And so on….

The waters feel choppy, here, Carol Ann.   How am I, a person who loves soooooo many blogs, to pick only 7?   Some are so great, but they only actually post 3.2 times a year, so I sort of have them on “probation.”    I wish all my kids blogged-by default it would be easier.   But I must select.    Well, here goes, in no particular order.   The  I LOVE YOUR BLOG AWARDS go to:


Carol Ann-you win again.   The other lady that awarded you talked about your joy and fun shining through and it is true.   You were the blogger  I most looked up to when  I started blogging   because you did it so well and so honestly.   You won again!   You have to do it all over!


Stephanie’s Place – you win because you write so well about such tough stuff.   I am honored to have the secret password.   And one day (soon, I am thinking), I will be standing across the bookstore watching you sign copies of one of the many books you have in you, and I will say, “I knew her when it was just a blog…”


Robin, my sister-in-law.   Sometimes she and I write these amazing blog posts back and forth in the form of emails, and I think: what are we, crazy?   The world should be reading this amazing material.   Robin is pretty new at it  and hasn’t found her posting groove (she thinks it should be really important first-ha-then I’d never post!), but when she writes, it is good!


My husband’s.   He has 3 websites and 4 blogs, but I’ll just mention one.   We write for each other really.   If you read us both, you are in on the corny conversations that are our life.   We like each other a lot. :)


Tara’s.   She doesn’t write enough, but I love when my first-born does!   She is a passionate young woman, full of zeal and optimism, truly in love and inspirational in her walk with God.   I always tell her if she weren’t my daughter, I’d be trying to find ways to be friends with her.


Jovan’s, my daughter-in-love.   She is better to me than 7 sons(Ruth 4.15).   I have known this girl for at least 1/3 of her life and she is only 21!   She married my son almost 2 years ago and her exhuberance for her husband and baby bless my heart.   She writes of love in every post and gives me lots of pictures to look at!


Pearl and Bryan.   These are two, but they are kind of connected by marriage.   Bryan is clever, witty and wry and uses my blog to write tormenting things on his, sometimes.   He is the brother I already have too many of. :)   Pearl is artistic and thoughtful, deep and sincere.   She writes about family and beauty and things of the heart.   They are good friends who’ve seen me at my worst, and yet, are good friends.

OK winners, there are AWARD RULES, here is what you have to do:

  • Tell the winner to put the award logo on their blog.   It is their prize!
  • Link to the person from whom you received your award.
  • You bestow the award on 7 other blogs and link to them!
  • E-mail or leave a message on the bloggers you have awarded letting them know.

Keep the love going!