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Christmas Award


Audrey has bequeathed upon me the Christmas Spirit Award.  I am suppose to tell 5 things I love about Christmas and bestow the award upon 5 other people for them to do the same.

Five Things I Love About Christmas:

1.  The Christ of Christmas.  I am a Jesus follower, lover and worshiper.  Everything, and I mean everything is because of Him, about Him, to honor Him.  The reason I live is to worship You, Lord…

2.  Dave’s joy.  Dave IS Mr. Christmas.  Dave loves everything about it.  He comes alive in the shortest days and longest nights of the year and makes my life merry and bright.

3.  The five kids God gave me so I would understand the sheer JOY of giving them what they need to live (and get why He loves it so, too) and watching them, as they marry and have children, experience the same!

4.  The five grandkids, of course.  I did not know I could or would become one of those grandmas, but I guess I am.  And I LOVE doing Christmasy things with these amazing, wonderful, sweet, funny, charming, talented, and loving children.  They are beyond words for me, really.  They renew my Christmas spirit regularly!

5.  The symbols, the lights, the music and sounds, the smells, the meanings, the good wishes, the cookies, the friends, the laughter, the gifts I get to give, the Gift God gave to me, I love it all!  All this and more…

Five People Who Also Get the Christmas Spirit Award

Because it is Christmas, I am keeping this a secret and not giving my 5-selected-blogger-friends the award – so that they may get their shopping and baking and all else Christmas done. :)  Really, I am not just trying to keep the award for myself!…

May YOUR days be merry and bright…Jeanie

NOTE TO SELF:  All this focus on Chrismas…am I forgetting other stuff???  Oh well, who cares? :)