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Asparagus Beans

I came across a package of Asparagus Bean seeds I’d forgotten about and had no room for.   I popped a few seeds into a potted jasmine container and forgot about them.   On a drive-by watering a week or so ago, I thought  I saw some green yarn tangled in the plant, but found instead that these bright green, very long, skinny beans were growing through the jasmine.  


In rereading the package, I learned that they will grow to 3 feet long if you want to harvest the bean from the pod, but to eat like a regular snap bean, you harvest them at 12-15 inches long, braid them and steam them for an unusual presentation.   Once they pop out, they seems to grow about 4″ a day.

They are funny looking, but fun.   The flavor, so says the package, is like a mix between asparagus, mushrooms and beans.   I stir-fried some and it was good, but I didn’t really detect 3 flavors.   I am still amused that it is like eating a shoestring-licorice style vegetable.