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Straw-Bale Gardening

Farmer Wrex, the King of the Show-Goats, brought me 7 bales of straw.  Yaaaaaaaaay!

I can’t grow my tomatoes in their usual place because, well, the word is out to all pests that I have great tomatoes there.  This year I have to confuse them.  The problem is I don’t have space to create another garden anywhere – what with trees and bushes and green grass for the dog to poop in (that does seem to be its’ main function, sadly) and grandkids swingsets and slides and the pool.  But I can tuck in a bale of straw here or there and grow something.


The web is full of info.  Here is some good stuff.  And I found this blog I L-O-V-E about it.

I will basically treat them like I am square-foot-gardening,  just doing it in a smaller area.  So, I’ll do 2 tomato plants per bale, 2 zucchini or squash plants per bale.  I may do 3 or 4 pepper plants in each.  I don’t know.  I had originally just wanted to do tomatoes, but then I found out you can grow anything and everything.  I am so confused!  In a good way, though.


I am sure my neighbors have the phone in their hands, ready to report me to the HOA  for having straw in the backyard.  But oh, they’ll change their tune when I share my bounty late summer!  Oh, yes, they will.

pictured: google image