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Little Obi-Wan arrives

Darth-daddy and the Light-Saber Family

Ten G R E A T  things about today~

  1. Rainy.  Cool and rainy.  Finally like fall.  Gentle and sweet.
  2. Burning my Yankee “Autumn Festival” Candle (a birthday gift).
  3. Baking 10 loaves of zucchini bread with extra cinnamon and a little bit of butter-rum oil in that batter.  Buttered and sweet cream to top it off – too much heaven!
  4. R2-D2, the cake for Hunter Magoo’s 6th birthday party.  Dark chocolate fudge with buttercream.  I doubt I shall ever use a shaped Wilton pan again, but thus, it was baked, iced and eaten.
  5. With ice cream!
  6. Party for me.
  7. Wrex singing a birthday song for me to the tune of the Partridge Family’s “C’mon Get Happy.”  Lots o’ music and memories!
  8. Broccoli Cheese soup (super cheesy and made from scratch!  almost 5 pounds of broccoli, 4 pounds of cheese, chicken broth, cream, fresh onions and garlic, just the hint of nutmeg…soooooo good!)…tomato soup…bread…goldfish (cracker fish) to swim about in hot steamy bowls of kid-soup.
  9. The grand-fish  (real fish) have been visiting for a few days (and I forgot to feed them almost everyday they were here, mea culpa little goldfish).  The house loud, music  and song, food flying, the grandbebes swinging from the chandeliers…having fish on the mantle makes it feel like we are living in a Dr. Suess book! ;p
  10. Time with people I adore:  Dave and the Powers and Kelleys.  Rocky & familia and the Phipps’.  Tredessa and Stormie.  The grandbebes and my mangy dog.

Little Jedis; the R2-D2 cake

Loved my video, too, honey.