In WWM staff prayer yesterday, s-i-l, Dave, prayed a prayer of yieldedness.  We pondered for a few moments on what it means to yield our hearts, our lives, our thoughts, opinions and desires to God.  “Here I am, “ many people in the Bible responded to God.

As Dave restated that phrase: Here I am, I suddenly saw it and heard it differently.

Here, I Am.

I caught a fleeting glimpse of the meaning of yieldedness.  To say Here I am is to say You be here, Great I Am.

Here, God (I AM) be in this circumstance.  Here in our home, I Am, reign.  Be here, I AM, in this hour of indecision, these times of heartbreak, this uncertain future.  Here, I Am.  I surrender to You.  Be here.  Be here…

3 thoughts on “Surrender

  1. I was given your web page from my dear sweet husband (your uncle Don) and my I say I love it.
    The word’s Here I am mean so much to me, I seem to say it to our Lord a lot. I too look at these words with new meaning and deep thought. I was very inspired by it. keep up the great calling and touch many lives. You two are an inspiration to your uncle Don and he loves to escape in your web.
    Thanks again!
    Aunt Helen

  2. I like that thought, Jeanie. Reminds me of one of my young sons and hide-and-go-seek. As soon as I was finished counting, he would say, “here I am”…in surrender, wanting to be found. So I say with you, Be here, I Am. I surrender.

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