Summer Lights

The executive directors power through a long meeting.

They break for a meal around our family table.  Fitting, for they are family.  Heaven Fest meetings are life-giving.  They are hard work and more than you can take and too short for all that needs to be accomplished and frequent these days (didn’t we all just meet up at The Ranch yesterday morning?!?) and demanding and taxing and love.  These people are beyond what we could hope or ask for.  They produce a massive Christian music, worship and arts festival for the masses.  They build the platform for the Body of Christ to come together to give to the poor, the orphan and the exploited.  And to worship God around the clock.  To be a catalyst for revival.  And so much more.

Twilight approaches.  There are hugs and well-wishing.  The solar lights lining the backyard gardens take their cue and begin to glow.  Dave turns on the twinkle lights in the trees and the uplights to give the bushes their moment on stage.  The sky turns azure and the lights shine and it is romantic and lovely, a summer night twinkling happily away on an average street in Brighton.

The real lights of summer return home to their families.  Yet the house is still aglow.

I thank God for these people.

Felix, and Josh (“Mr. July”), Vicki and Stephanie, Jason, Cody (+ Steve and JoAnna and the amazing interns, Chelsie and Jon)…thank-you.  The 2-night-just-past-full-moonglow has nothing on you.

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