Summer Centerpiece

That’s right.  This is the centerpiece as of late.  A crystal bowl full of sidewalk chalk.  A container of every-SPF known to mankind.  Bug spray and after-burn potions.  And a basket full of left-behind swimsuits and trunks. 

It’s what’s on the table and even flowers would not be more appropriate. 

Another interesting part of the season is the bathroom just off the kitchen when everyone leaves.  For there I usually find tiny pairs of underwear and little socks and flip-flops and shoes, hair ties and other misc. clothing…in very small sizes.  If their mamas are looking for something, I may have it. 

Nonna and Amelie.  A Sunday afternoon nap.  On the swing.  In the shade.  After a swim.

Good sign.

This is what I found when we arrived home from Chicago.  The sweetest message ever

We were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sad our Kelley family didn’t go to Moslander Family Reunion with us this year (they are very busy and important people!), but they so kindly gave the dog room and board and took care of the house and garden for me.  In fact – they took such good care of the garden it grew like a jungle and is so much more the blessed for me having been gone!  THANK-YOU Steph and Tris and the 3 adorables!  Love you so much and we want to tag along when  you go to Chicago, soon!  Pretty please??  We were thinking about you and missing you the whole time!

Gemma on a Saturday

cen·ter·piece, n.

1. Something in a central position, especially a decorative object or arrangement placed at the center of a table.

2. The central or most important feature

4 thoughts on “Summer Centerpiece

  1. Gavin doing the gardening, Guini cleaning, and Gemma being beautiful! You are very blessed. I am jealous, but glad you get to enjoy them.

    1. I know, Cheri. But believe me, it takes me all year to create all the memories you make in a week. :) I do get moments. But remember: They adore you guys!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that summer centerpiece! Made me wonder about using something just as wonderful for wintertime… wet boots/socks, gloves, hats, and scarves just won’t work on a table.

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