Stormie Dae


Today is Stormie’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, baby-girl and grown-up woman of God.  Happy Birthday gentle spirit, humble and true.  Happy Days always for you, beloved baby-of-the-family, but great caretaker and servant-of-all.  You walk in the shadows and are a mystery to some, but not to your mommy.  I see the big things.  I see the heart.  I see the blessing you have poured out and poured out to so many.  I watch for the harvest because after casting so much bread upon the waters – in not many days, it will come rushing back in a free-fall of overwhelming-Niagara-sized blessing over you!  This is God’s promise.  I am watching for it.

Every day of your life you have been a gift to me.  When I think about the way you choose to carry our burdens at times and how you silently work behind the scenes to lighten loads, through the large lump in my throat, I thank God for you, again and again. I couldn’t find what I really want to give you at Target or Wal-Mart, but I have some things in mind.

These are the gifts I hope you will open today:

  • the great grace of God for your life, my Stormie!  You were born into a powerful force of favor and have been gifted and enabled to to do what God has called you to do and to be what he has called you to be.  Grace is raining over you.  Let it reign over you, too.  Receive it.  Splash in it.  Be graced!  It will be your unending sufficiency.
  • beauty for ashes.  I know you have already felt pain so deep you could barely breathe.  I know you know the sting of loss.  I wish I could give you the gift of never being ripped apart, but I can’t.  I wish I could save you from any and every pain and broken relationship, but I can’t.  But can I remind you there is a Balm in Gilead, an oil of healing and the promise of God to exchange the things of pain for the things of life and joy and abundancy??  So, go ahead – put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  Praise looks good on you, Stormkins!


  • the unending love of your family.  You are so very well loved in the family, Stormie.  Your role is so important I cannot fathom us without you.  Your nieces and nephews all know that “Aunt Stormie” is a special one indeed.  Please let us love you back with the same measure you show your love to us, day in and day out – because that will be enough love to fill your life always.
  • the hope of a lavish and extravagant love relationship.  “He” is out there.  We may not know him yet, but I look forward with you to the day that you’ll be loved and cherished by the man of God’s dreams for you.  I wait with you for the moment we know that there is one who would not only lay down his life for you and love you with the same passionate, sacrificial love with which Jesus so loved the Church, but that this man will live to love you.  From once upon a time to happily ever after; from everlasting to everlasting, the one God has planned for you.  I am praying for him, even today, before he has even discovered you.


  • the song of the Lord.  I pray that His song (via your beautiful voice) will burst onto the scene very soon.  I see your eyes light up and I hear your spirit rejoicing in the music and worship of the God of the Universe. Even when there is no apparent sound, your heart rising in worship is loud and anointed and undeniable.  I am still waiting for you to go public with the song that is rising.  Sing, O Daughter of the Living God.  Lead the people in the song of the Lord for His delight, His acclaim.
  • your true self as you see your reflection in His eyes as you walk ever-so-closely to Jesus.  In Christ is the deepest and truest of you.  May he captivate you and hold you prisoner in the freedom of His indescribable love and mercy.  Who is Stormie that God is mindful of her, that He cares for her.  You have made her a little lower than the angels and crowned her with glory and honor. (Ps. 8.4-5 paraphrased)

Open these today, my Stormkins and have a happy, happy birthday!…Mom

NOTE TO SELF: Bless the day she was born.  Bless that icy-windy-stormy day in Sioux City, Iowa when this priceless gift to the world was born!


pictured: Stormie in 1st grade;  Stormie with her little orphans in Venezuela

11 thoughts on “Stormie Dae

  1. Happy Birthday, Stormie.    You share this day with my husband, Elery.  May you have a blessed day.

  2. Wow! I am at an onsite, teaching and now bawling… Like usual. The bawling part I mean… All that is said, is true and Amen. I do love my little Tormlet, she is a rock and my helper and the compassion that flows from her is unprecedented. Happy Birthday Storm, daddy loves you!!! More on my blog when I can see again…

  3. Hey lovely lady! Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is full of many delightful blessings and joys! Love ya! Mia :) 

  4. Sorry this is a week late!  As you know, I've been sick and laying around for the past few days;o)                                                                                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  I can't believe that you are 22 already!                               A few of my favorite things about you……                                                   *You are extremely generous!  I can't even count the number of times you have bought me Starbucks – I can never repay you….literally;o)                            *You are funny!  I constantly marvel at the way your brain works – you remember a line from a movie (or a joke from some obscure comedian) and plug it into a conversation so perfectly – you should be a writer.                         *You are a renaissance woman!  Anything you desire to try you excel at!  While most people are scrambling to find one thing that they are good at, you are constantly adding new accomplishments to the pile.  What you tackle, you conquer.                             There are so many other things that I love about you (your love of Starbucks is another one), but this is the end for now.                                  I love you Stormie!!! 

  5. Stormie, You truely are a gift to our family. God's  tenderness, love, creativity, sense of humor, generosity, thoughtfulness, and beauty shine in you.   Never allow the world to shadow you.  I love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday. Love, Aunt Dawn

  6. Happy belated birthday Stormie! Beautiful woman, rejoice~you who quietly walk through a room, with a gentle friendly smile. Happy birthday to you.

  7. Of course, I'm probably last. Sorry! HEY- I WAS IN MONTANA! They don't have internet there yet!;) You are a joy to me stormie dae. You always make me laugh and I feel very comfortable around you. You don't always let me borrow clothes but you JUST let me borrow your PUMA hoodie..finally and I love you for that=) I love worshipping with you on Tuesdays and I think you are an awesome bass player and beautiful singer. (sing more!) I could go on and on but I won't. ehheheeehhe I'll tell you in person! happy birthday, Tara

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