Stephanie’s Place urges readers to DELURK!

One of my favorite bloggers has written a fabulous piece about etiquette at our blogs.  I wholeheartedly agree with her, so go there and read it.  You'll find out what LURKING is and how to DELURK.  (For the love of God and all that is holy: DELURK!)  You'll also learn about the 1st commandment of blogs – "If thou readest, thou shalt comment."

 Go there – now!  Do what she says.  Then come back here and do what she says HERE!


NOTE TO SELF:  I need to do much less lurking…

4 thoughts on “Stephanie’s Place urges readers to DELURK!

  1. Jeanie – You're just the BEST!  The BEST!  You make me laugh.  I'm glad you lurk and delurk over on my blog.  I'm glad you blog so I can lurk and delurk on yours.  I think you're incredibly witty, insightful and earth-shatteringly intelligent, too.  :)  Thanks for spreading the blog love around.  And thanks for saying I'm one of your favorite bloggers.  That's HIGH praise, let me tell you.  Right back atcha!

  2. I have to admit – I am one of the readers that frequently asks the question – 'As long as I am reading the blog posts, why should I have to post a comment if I have nothing to say?'  Maybe it is some sort of a modern day popularity contest?  Like in high school when you want to get as many people to sign your year book as possible – even if you barely knew them and you never said two words to them all year?  Are bloggers purposely subjecting themselves to pain and humiliation every time they log on and see how many (or how few) comments they have received since yesterday (or maybe an hour ago)?  I say that bloggers of the world should want readers to comment, not because they are forced too (pounding of fists), but because readers have something of substance to say!  And let's face it – most of us don't!  Although, I'm hoping that this can be counted as one of the times when I do have something of substance to say……                                                                                                    Here is a link to a comic strip I found…..I have no idea if I did the link right or not?  If it doesn't work, let me know and I can email it to you – it's funny! Thanks for listening – please leave a comment so I can be sure that you read this…….

  3. I can't get into the article because I can't remember my google password.  Do send it.

    It is true – it is a lot like the high school yearbook.  I have learned not to worry too much about it though.  I'll write something flippantly and get a good number of comments and several emails about it.  Then I will write and pour out my guts and nothing.

    I know 2 things:  I have at least 3-7 faithful readers (they tell me in person) and I just like having a place to write!

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