Once the bird’s song dissipates in the afternoon sun, which I presume means they are napping or resting their voices for tomorrow’s bright chorus, soft quiet rides through the open windows on golden sunbeams, with only an occasional variation.

spring sounds

A little girl on her hot pink Big Wheel pedals down the sidewalk, which is still slightly gritty from sand and salt leftover from a snow, before all signs of winter are finally, fully past.

There is a sound to the spring sidewalk, pedal-pedal-pedal, the hot pink Big Wheel moves steadily.  A small Wire-haired Terrier follows brightly behind, with the grandma and grandpa straggling as they pull baby sister along in a Little Tykes wagon.  Their family Easter parade takes up nearly half a city block and is delightful to behold, leaving a trail of sweet. gritty noise behind them.


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