Spiderfield, MO

Yes – a grasshopper flew into my hair and got stuck.

Yes – “millers” followed me in to the house nightly.

Yes – a mosquito or two tried to suck my blood.

And yes – at least twice, two gi-normous Circus-Peanut-Candy-sized bees bumbled sideways into me, somehow unable to resist the gravitational pull I apparently possess.

But, omygosh!!!!  The spiders!  EEKS!  It is raining spiders in Springfield, literally!  Each time one of the parentals and myself have headed out to the patio swing, or out the front door or really anywhere – some mammoth, hairy, scary spider drops from a doorframe or a tree or the roof overhang or the sky.  aaaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeekkkksssssss……!!!!!!!!!!!!

One spider, a fat, black, nickel-sized spider just sat on my wrist as if he were my pet.  The one in the picture was at least a 2-incher.  They’re everywhere – in the sky, in my hair.  Mama-mia – H E L P !

3 thoughts on “Spiderfield, MO

  1. It sounds like Springfield, MO is a place I never have to visit. The only good thing about a spider is they eat all the other bugs. Not that I don’t like bugs, just the ones that bit! I don’t need to be the next spiderman. hehehe. And to think I have to go under the house to help Bry insolate the heater ducks. We plan to take the shop vac down with us to suck all the creepy things up. I think we just may take some pleasure in that! hehehe

  2. Arachnophobia anyone? Yep, me, for sure. I got bit (in the behind, no less) by a brown recluse when I was a little kid. Spent several days in the hospital and developed a serious phobia of the creepy crawly things.

    I’ve learned how to kill them with my shoe since I became a Mom, but I don’t experience any less heart-pounding when I have to come into contact with them in any way!

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