Dance me to the End of Love::SOOOOOooooo Song of Solomon

Dang, this song is a-ma-zing.


What is up with Leonard Cohen?  He is really an incredible talent in a thousand ways, isn’t he?  Was I just too young to get him before?  Well, I have grown up and I get him now (also wildly in love with his “Hallelujah” and “Take this Waltz”).

I “discovered” this particular song (also covered beautifully by Madelaine Peyroux and the Civil Wars) about a year ago and it still just puts me in a mood!  He has captured the sound, the rhythm, the heat, the passion, the imagery and the lyrics of Solomon’s very Song.  Zowie!  So celebrative, so sensuous.  You can taste this melody, inhale it.  I am so loving this song because it says everything, tells the whole story.  It is love and passion, hot nights and low lights from beginning to end.  From once upon a time to happily ever after:

Almost 30 years…

We were married 7.23.81

Dave, will you still dance me to the end of love?


2 thoughts on “Dance me to the End of Love::SOOOOOooooo Song of Solomon

  1. I love that song! Thank you, honey. I have to be careful, because I’m on my lunch hour and don’t want to start bawling.
    I love you honey, oh these many years and yes, I will still dance you to the end of our life and love…

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