Song{s} for a Sunday // The Carpenters

The Carpenters, 1969-1973.

Yes, I treated myself today.  It is sunny and gorgeous.  A singing kind of morning.  Even on my old vinyl, the girl’s smooooooooooooth voice is still o-my-gosh!

“Close to You” was my first Carpenter song ever, one of the greatest songs of all time.  “Good-Bye to Love” was my favorite song when I was eleven.  With the possible exception of “Top of the World,” which was “re-written” for church-singing (and I sang with Jayne and JJ Dixon in Cedar Rapids and later with Cheryl Bardwell in Robert, Lousiana I do believe), I love almost every song they have ever done like crazy.  I just think I over-heard/sang “Top of the…” too many times and Karen’s mournful, deep heart stuff is her true genius.

Yes, I can listen on iTunes, too.  But the records really, really take me back…Yesterday Once More.


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